Crispy Chicken Tenders – Paleo

Paleo Crispy Chicken TendersYou’ve got to try these Whole 30/Paleo friendly crispy “breaded” chicken strips! I just made them last night when we had company over and they were received with great approval :) Read more of this post


Double Coco Cookies – Paleo & Vegan

Double Coco Cookies - Vegan, Paleo

Double Coco Cookies – Vegan, Paleo

These Double Coco Cookies are: gluten-free, grain-free, egg-free, dairy-free, and added-sugar-free! So if that’s what they’re not what the heck do these cookies got? Let’s just say that if these tempting cookies could talk they’d be singing along with Will.I.Am to “I got it from my mama” — talking about mother nature of course! Read more of this post

Fourth of July Flag Cake

flagcakeI may have mentioned before, but I bake once a week for my office. It had been a while since I baked something on the extravagant side, and when I saw this flag cake on pinterest I was up for the challenge because Independence Day was that upcoming weekend! It’s actually not that difficult to make; it just takes a lot of time and care reading the directions so your cake turns out properly. It’s a great cake to bring to a party because of the element of surprise when cutting the first slice! My coworker randomly decided to videotape me cutting the cake which obviously worked out nicely because people’s reactions are now documented. Video at bottom of post!

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When I got married, I unwittingly divorced myself

wedWhen I got married, I unwittingly divorced myself. My husband and I exchanged vows a little over a year ago on Dec. 29, 2012. Long before I was married or even dating anyone, my paradigm of married life included the following: my future husband and I will get to do everything with each other, instead of doing things alone or with assorted friends. This facet of my idea of marriage has substantial truth and benefits, but it also created a very unrealistic set of expectations.
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Eat To Live! Thoughts and excerpts from the book that changed my life

hippocrates-let-food-be-thy-medicine-and-medicine-be-thy-foodThree months ago in October 2013, my husband and I decided to challenge ourselves to eat vegetarian for one month just for fun. Upon mentioning this little challenge to someone, she suggested I watch the documentary on Netflix called Forks Over Knives and if I was interested, she recommended (and let me borrow) a book called Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Then at dinner with my husband’s parents a few days later, they suggested the same documentary and also recommended the same book. First we watched the documentary — and we’re so thankful we did. Our whole entire perception of nutrition was completely altered, and I felt like we had been lied to our whole lives about what proper nutrition is. The two-hour documentary got a lot of its facts from the book Eat to Live. Enlightened by the documentary, I knew the book would be the real deal…and it was. (Just like the Harry Potter series; books are always better.) Anyway, because of the profound education we received from the documentary and the book, both my husband and I have maintained our vegetarian diet since October 1st, 2013. However, I will add that we aren’t nazis about it. On average we probably have had a small serving of meat maybe once every two weeks. It’s much easier than we thought it would be to go veg, and neither of us miss or crave eating meat. We also both love that we continually find new tasty menu items that we normally would not have ordered. Not to mention I’ve lost 12 pounds since going veg (with not very much exercise I hate to admit — probably averaging only once or twice a week). My goal is to eventually consistently consume 90% of my calories from a whole-foods plant-based diet. I also want to keep educating myself about nutrition from a wide variety of books/studies because I know that people are really good at summarizing (*cough* manipulating) data in ways that promote their own ideas :) That being said, the following information comes directly from the book Eat to Live and I have not cross-checked any of Dr. Fuhrman’s summaries of the data he reports about.

As I read Eat to Live, I marked all the pages that had information I wanted to remember. I’ve copied direct excerpts of Dr. Fuhrman’s book here and the material belongs to him. The information comes from thousands of studies which he cites, and if you want those, you’re going to have to get the actual book for yourself. My hope is that sharing with you the powerful and irreplaceable benefits of eating a whole-foods plant-based diet, contrary to the harmful diet that the majority of Americans consume, will usher you into a lifestyle of truly eating for optimum health!
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Spiced Butternut Squash and Lentil Soup (Vegan, GF)


This soup is so jam packed with flavor! I only wish I had made more so I could freeze it and eat it whenever I want! This popular recipe comes from BHG Biggest Book of Slow Cooker Recipes. I only made a few adaptions according to what ingredients I had on hand.

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