Roasted Winter Hash

It’s been a while! So, what delicious recipe inspired me to update the blog? A super simple, super yummy roasted winter medley. And of course, it was very popular with my husband, which is also a good indicator to put it on the blog :) Read more of this post


Nicoise Tuna Salad – Whole30/Paleo

Nicoise Tuna SaladSalads are da bomb. I love making salads for lunch and/or dinner because the possibilities for flavor combos are endless! Here is what I threw together to make a Whole30 approved/Paleo Nicoise Tuna Salad. This could easily be made vegan by replacing the egg and tuna with your favorite vegan alternatives, or by just omitting them completely. Read more of this post

Carrot Ginger Soup w/Multigrain Blend & Veggies

carrotgingersoupcookedI love shopping at Trader Joe’s, especially when their samples are right on the money because they’re generally SO incredibly easy to throw together. Last time I went to Trader Joe’s they were sampling their Carrot Ginger Soup combined with their Multigrain Blend with Vegetables. Sold. I just threw this together at home today and added two organic sweet potatoes to the mix; it was the perfect cup of soup on this beautiful fall day. The soup is gluten free and vegan (besides the honey) and the multigrain blend is vegan/vegetarian, but not gluten free. You could easily make a homemade version of this in the crock pot! My husbands satisfying quote after scarfing it down, “Mmmm. *Pause* That was really good.”

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Spicy Vegetarian Thai Green Curry Recipe

curry We make green curry fairly regularly for dinner because it’s healthy & simple. Just chop up a bunch of veggies and saute ’em with the curry mix, serve it over some rice and voila! Recently I made a some green curry that was so spicy my husband was sweating profusely from the heat it had. It was also an experiment that turned out amazingly delicious — I used mostly almond milk instead of coconut milk just because that’s what I had on hand — and my husband couldn’t even tell. If you like spicy food, you should try this spicy thai green curry recipe – vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free friendly! Read more of this post

The Best Sautéed Kale – Oil Free!

Ingredients and directions:


bouillon cube

Kale is an ultra healthy superfood that is the perfect addition to any SIP Meal (SIP = S*** In a Pan). I just made some sautéed kale last night and mmm! mmm! it was delicious! For two side dish servings: Crumble/dissolve 1/2 a chicken flavored bouillon cube into 1/2 cup warm water. Pour into a large skillet on medium heat and add 5 oz kale (I 1/2 package Trader Joe’s Organics Lacinato Kale). Stir and cover, let it cook for 2-3 minutes or so. Add any additional seasonings to your taste, like freshly ground black pepper. Enjoy as a side or mixed into your favorite dish. We enjoyed ours with sautéed mushrooms and a grilled veggie burger, as seen in this post.

Pile on the Fruit Waffles

waffleWe got a new waffle iron for Christmas and so far, sooooo good! We’ve been using Trader Joe’s Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle mix, so I can only imagine how delicious some homemade waffles will taste. Topped with TJ’s Organic Maple Syrup and fresh fruit and you’ve got yourself one heck of a waffle. I try to pile on the fruit and eat a lot it with every bite so that I usually am full of the actual waffle when I’m about 2/3 done. This fruit combo was especially good: bananas, mango, and blueberries. I wanted to post this non-recipe as a reminder that waffles make for a fantastic quick and easy dinner! Read more of this post

SIP Meal: Trader Joe’s Tofu Veggie Burger with spinach, mushrooms, and rice!

Ingredients and directions:

TJ tofu burgerFirst post of my incredibly quick and easy “SIP Meals” (SIP = S*** In a Pan).

In a pan, grill Trader Joe’s Organic Tofu Veggie Burger on medium, 3-4 mins each side. Halfway through grilling, add a handful of spinach and sliced mushrooms to the pan and saute with desired seasonings (garlic powder and pepper is good). Serve as an open face burger with a side of rice.