Baked Mahi Mahi w/Homemade Tartar Sauce – Whole30

Baked Mahi Mahi and Green Bean Salad Yum! I love Mahi Mahi. It is sooo flavorful. But adding a little homemade tartar sauce just made it THAT much better ;) Served with Green Bean salad and roasted zucchini, this dinner is one of my favorite Whole30 meals!

    Ingredients and directions:

1. Season with olive oil and s&p then bake mahi mahi and zucchini on 400F for 15 mins (or until internal temp of fish is 145F).

2. A few minutes before baking time is up microwave the green beans (1 cup) in a covered dish with 2Tbsp water for 3-4 mins. Season as desired (I used some melted ghee, s&p, and garlic powder and added raw hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds).

3. For the homemade tartar sauce I used this Whole30 perfect mayo recipe and added in dill seasoning, dill relish, celery salt, green onions, and extra lemon juice.

4. Enjoy!


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