Kale-wrapped Veggie Burgers


Lose the buns! These kale wrapped tofu veggie burgers were so good I made them twice in a row for dinner. Even though that meant going to Trader Joe’s two evenings in a row to pick up another 2-pack of the tofu burgers….so worth the scrumptious deliciousness in my belly.






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An Eclair Affair


If you know me, you probably know that my mom is famous for her decadent cheesecakes! I always thought it would be fun to have a signature dessert like my mom. However, I hadn’t made anything yet that seemed..right for the part. Until now. ECLAIRS! I made eclairs for the first time this week and oh man, they were yummmmmmMY! Then I thought, “Emma’s Eclairs” has a nice ring to it…maybe this will become my “signature dessert.” I’m very excited to share this first draft of the recipe, and I’m excited to make it often and play around with the ingredients. Maybe one day I will be known for my eclairs like my mom is known for her cheesecake :)

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