Protein pancakes: gluten, grain, and lactose free!

20130827-120632.jpg I’ve finally come up with a protein pancake recipe that is tasty, thus actually worth sharing! I was pleasantly surprised that they have no grains, flour, lactose, or gluten! These pro-cakes boast 9g fiber and 36g protein! Read more of this post


Strawberry Fig Jam

20130821-180341.jpg I bought a mini home-canning kit from Fred Meyer specifically to make some strawberry fig jam! I’ve never made jam before, or canned anything and it was super fun! You don’t need to follow the canning procedure if you just want to store jam in the freezer instead of in the cupboard :) Goes great on your favorite toast, pancakes, crackers, pb&j, or how my husband likes it…topped on cottage cheese! Read more of this post

Whole Wheat Fig Newtons with Cinnamon Sugar topping

20130820-181946.jpg Have you FIGured out my love of figs yet?? Inevitably, I also love Fig Newtons. But I don’t love the ingredient list which includes but is definitely not limited to: unbleached enriched flour, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, and a bunch of acids, sulfites, artificial flavors, and things I can’t pronounce. No gracias! But thankfully we can just make our own, and be in charge of the ingredient list! You be the boss! Read more of this post

Fresh Fig and Prosciutto Pizza with Balsamic and Feta

20130817-202337.jpg If you happened to grace your virtual presence upon my previous recipe (Yummy Spice Cake with Fresh Figs), you would know that I’ve had a love affair with figs since I was a child due to the fig tree in our back yard! Well, I’ve moved on from my child hood home and thus, my fig tree. Which leads me to another reason why I love Costco; Costco sells figs. Yesterday I made a dessert using figs, so naturally today I made a dinner using figs. And my oh my, was it deeeeelicious! Definitely making this again. Read more of this post

Yummy Spice Cake with Fresh Figs

20130817-202040.jpgGrowing up I was fortunate enough to have a fig tree in my back yard! I looked forward to the month of August, when the figs were ripe and ready to devour! (Despite the fact that I thought they looked like a brain on the inside.) Now that I don’t have the luxury of my own fig tree, I was delighted to find figs at Costco. My experience with consuming figs was solely raw, directly from the tree. I was delighted to find so many fig recipes! I turned this “savory rosemary fig cake” into a deliciously sweet spice cake! It kind of smelled like Christmas when this was baking (if Christmas had a smell, that is). Anyway, I brought this over to a dinner party and it was a big hit, even with the kids ages 2, 3, and 7! Success! Read more of this post

Peanut Butter Banana n Honey “Cheese”cake

20130809-141951.jpg What if I told you I made cheesecake last night and this morning my husband and I each ate devoured a slice for breakfast? You might think we have no self control. Think again! This cheesecake is made from ingredients you would use to build a delicious yogurt parfait!

Read more of this post

My Big Skinny Greek Cheesecake!

20130803-230621.jpgI call this “My Big Skinny Greek Cheesecake” for 2 reasons: First, it’s “skinny” because it’s so healthy, you could eat it as a nutritional breakfast. For real. Second, it’s “Greek” because it uses Greek yogurt (not cream cheese) and … dun dun dun … feta! It’s all Greek to me! No butter, no sugar, no cream cheese. I know what you’re thinking… no WAY! Well let me tell you something…WHEY! Pun intended. This bad boy has vanilla whey protein powder to give it nutritional benefits and sweeten it up :) This is real people. Nike this Greek Cake, just do it! Read more of this post

Chicken quinoa & black bean patties from leftovers!

20130801-215837.jpgSunday night dinner at the in-laws’ is something my hubby and I look forward to every week! Last Sunday my MIL (mother-in-law) made delicious enchiladas and sent us home with mounds of leftovers (per usual)! Leftover shredded chicken and leftover quinoa-rice blend to be specific. After having that for lunch and then dinner, it was time to get creative in the kitchen! Thus low and behold the chicken quinoa black bean patties made from leftovers! Read more of this post