Vietnamese Ham and Egg Baguette (Banh Mi)

20130726-215534.jpgOne of the best things that happened to my husband and I (besides marriage) was discovering Banh Mi with fried egg. One of our favorite restaurants in Seattle is Monkey Bridge, we go nuts for their Vietnamese cuisine! This Vietnamese Sandwich is my attempt at copying our favorite one off their menu.

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Apples in a Blanket

Remember pigs in a blanket? Well take that same concept to make a delicious dessert…Apples in a Blanket! Secret ingredient? Mountain Dew!

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Chinese Pork and Shrimp Gyoza (Jiaozi)

20130716-141022.jpg Mmm this 5 star gyoza/pot stickers recipe makes delicious appetizers! They were a big hit when I had company over! If you make the dough wrappers by hand they are a bit time consuming, but if you buy premade wrappers at the store you can whip these up in minutes! Read more of this post