Homemade Pretzel Buns

pretzel bun Have you ever wondered what you get when you mix a hamburger bun with a pretzel?? Ne meither. But if anyone was wondering, the picture speaks for itself! A pretzel bun! And it’s so simple, but very impressive to guests :) I served it with a homemade quinoa patty inside, yum! Read more of this post


Honey Spice Snaps

honey spice snaps2Don’t let “snaps” deceive you; these cookies are soft and chewy! These are my BFF’s favorite cookie, and that is saying a lot because being the hardcore health nut she is, she still claims that cookies are her weakness. I got this recipe from her, and I think she got it from her mom. I made a few changes indicated by an * …. happy baking :) Read more of this post